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Hey everyone! … I’ve not been active recently, and I have to say that I feel like this blog is coming to its end. If anyone would like to take it over, please let me know and I shall send you the information to the account!

My apologies, everyone. It was fun while it lasted. ))

It appears as if Sports Day/Weekend has been cancelled…
What’s behind these Hikari and Diamond rumors?

frigginaaron replied to your post: A crazy night with a new group of best friends!

Hmph. Who cares if Flint is doing outrageous things with other people? Obviously, he wouldn’t drag me into this kind of stuff. Like I would be jealous over some crazy night out with Roark and whatever his name is.

… Aaron.

Are you jealous?

A crazy night with a new group of best friends!

Last night, it had been reported that Flint would go stay over at Roark’s house after having a fight with Hikari. The night was surely expected to have seemed mellow, until Morty called Flint and told him he was in Sinnoh. Having nothing else to do, the three 21-year-olds ended up going to a high-class strip club in downtown Oreburgh.

At first, Roark had been very hesitant, naturally — considering he is the shyest of the group. But after about an hour, he and Morty were spotted smoking pot while Flint was outside with three unidentified women.

At about 2:30 AM, the men were all too drunk and stoned to drive home. Flint left his car (with the women sleeping inside of it) by the club and they all walked back to Roark’s house. While Flint and Roark passed out, rumors of Morty and Bebe having made a date began to come out.

Morty was seen leaving the house early in the morning. Flint and Roark had returned back to the parking lot of the strip club, only to see that Flint’s car and various possessions had been stolen and/or destroyed.

Neither Flint nor Roark have a comment. Morty cannot be reached.

While one thing ended up being terrible for Flint the next day, Morty is looking forward to a date with Bebe soon enough. So the question is, does this make the Elite Four jealous?

Daily Update!


  • Pleasant, warm skies found for every city and town in all the regions! Except for Snowpoint, naturally.


  • Candice has come back from Unova after staying and training with Gym Leader, Brycen! If you have a gym battle scheduled with her, just know that she has a giant list of other challengers to get to as well. 


  • It seems that Flint and Hikari have made up from whatever they had been fighting about yesterday! They had been spotted back in Twinleaf a few hours ago, hugging and laughing.
  • A giant article about Morty, Roark, and Flint's escapades of last night will be coming out very shortly! It seems that last night's consequences have caught up to them today. Especially for a certain Elite Four.

Definitely an exciting weekend - next week is expected to be just as great with the Sports Days coming up! This has been Marisa with your Daily Update for April 3rd, 2011!

Flint and Morty… Want to take me to a strip club…


I’m scared I’ve never been to one before;;;